Daniel Spoerri

Born in Galati (Romania); Father: Isaac Feinstein, missionary of the Norwegian Lutheran Church; Mother: Lydia Feinstein-Spoerri

Flees with his mother and (five) brothers and sisters to Zürich. Lives with his uncle, Professor Theophil Spoerri. The family adopts his mother’s maiden name.

Makes the acquaintance of Jean Tinguely and Eva Aeppli. School of Theatre and Dance, ZĂĽrich (Max Terpis).

Dance scholarshop in Paris; also works there as a tourist guide. 

1954 -1957
Lead dancer at the Stadttheater in Berne.
Friendship with Dieter Roth and Bernhard Luginbühl, Claus Bremer, André Thomkins and Meret Oppenheim.

Choreography for "Farbenballett" (Suite en couleurs). Writes a series of concrete poems. 

Produce’s Picasso’s Surrealist drama "Desire Trapped by the Tail" (Berne); German-language première of Ionesco’s "The Bald Soprano" and Jean Tardieu’s "The Sonata and the Three Gentlemen".
Gradually abandons dance.

Two-year contract as assistant stage director with the Landestheater in Darmstadt.
Marries Vera Mertz.
Friendship with Emmett Williams.
Publishes magazine "material" for concrete poetry, the first issue being an anthology of concrete poetry.

Makes the acquaintance of Pol Bury and Jesus-Rafael Soto. 

Returns to Paris. Resides in Chambre No.13 at the HĂ´tel Carcassonne, Rue Mouffetard.
Establishes "Edition MAT"(Multiplication d’art transformable)
Makes the acquaintance of Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Robert Filliou. 

Co-signatory of the manifesto of "Nouveau RĂ©alisme".
His first "Snare Paintings" are exhibited at the "Festival d’art d’avant-garde", Palais des Expositions de la Porte de  Versailles, Paris.

First exhibition at the Galleria d’arte of Arturo Schwarz in Milan.
Exhibition "The Grocery Store" (rubber stamp: "attention oeuvre d’art"; "catalogue tabou" – bread dough objects), Addi Koepcke Gallery, Copenhagen.
Exhibition "The Suitcase" (all Nouveaux RĂ©alistes in one suitcase), Lauhus Gallery, Cologne.
Spoerri organizes the exhibition "Bewogen Beweging (Moved Movement)" at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
The snare painting "Kichka’s Breakfast" is shown in the exhibition "The Art of Assemblage" at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, and purchased by the museum.
Friendship with Karl Gerstner.

Publishes "Topographie anecdotée du hasard" ("An Anectoded Topography of Chance") to accompany the exhibition at the Lawrence Gallery in Paris, a literary snare painting that has meanwhile been augmented and republished several times.
Two rooms in the exhibition "Dylaby" (with Tinguely, Niki de St.Phalle, Rauschenberg, among others), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
Exhibition "The Misfits Fair" (with Filliou, Koepcke, Williams, Topor, Gustav Metzger, Robin Page), Gallery One, London.
Municipal Theatre, Ulm, "Ja Mama, das machen wir!" a snare play by Daniel Spoerri.

Besides his "snare paintings", Spoerri begins a series of so-called "Détrompe-l’oeil-paintings" and collections such as "Optique Moderne".
Exhibition "Restaurant de la Galerie J"showing "723 ustensiles de cuisine" (Galerie J, Paris).
7-minute exhibition "until the egg is hard-boiled", Zwirner Gallery, Cologne.
Exhibition "Dorotheanum (Non-profit Institute for the Promotion, Publicizing and Easement of Suicide)",  Dorothea Loehr Gallery, Frankfurt.

Lives at the Chelsea Hotel, New York.
Exhibition "Eaten by… - 31 Variations on a Meal", Allan Stone Gallery, New York.
Exhibition of "Pièges à mots" (Word Snares), Galerie J, Paris; Zwirner Gallery, Cologne.
Gag-Festival, Haus am LĂĽtzowplatz, Berlin.
Beginning of friendship with Roland Topor.
Continues the "Edition MAT" in collaboration with Karl Gerstner. 

Exhibition "Daniel Spoerri’s room No 631 at the Chelsea Hotel", The Green Gallery, New York.
Exhibition "31 Variations on a meal", Ad Libitum Gallery, Antwerp.
"Le Restaurant de la City Galerie" at the Bruno Bischofberger Gallery, ZĂĽrich.
Exhibition "Trappole per parole" (Word Snares), Arturo Schwarz Gallery, Milan.
Returns to Paris. 

Withdraws to the Aegean island of Symi where he writes his "Gastronomic Diary" and also produces his series  "Magie Ă  la Noix" – 25 Peanut Magic Objects (textualized objects).
Publishes the "Le Petit Colosse de Symi".
Period of stay in Nantes; works on his Symi texts.

Exhibition "25 Objets de Magie à la Noix – Peanut Magic Preserves", Gunar Gallery, Düsseldorf.
Spoerri’s book on Symi (The Mythological Travels of a Modern Sir John Mandeville) is published.
Exhibition "Ars Multiplicata", Kunsthalle, Cologne.
Exhibition "Hahn Collection" Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne.
Opening of the Restaurant Spoerri in DĂĽsseldorf on 18th June.
Now lives in DĂĽsseldorf. 

Exhibition "Gegenverkehr" (Opposite Directions), Kunstverein Aachen.
Exhibition "Freunde, Friends – d’Fründ", Basel; Düsseldorf.
Exhibition "Max and Morimal Art" (the title is a pun on Wilhelm Busch’s comic figures Max and Moritz), Handschin Gallery, Basel.
Tony Morgan bases his film "Resurrection" on a concept by Daniel Spoerri. 

Opening of the Eat Art Gallery above the Restaurant Spoerri (D.S. presents Eat Art; exhibitions with works by Richard Lindner, Arman, LuginbĂĽhl, Beuys, Roth, among others).
Exhibition "Brotteigobjekte" (Bread Dough Objects)
Produces his first bronze sculpture "Santo Grappa".
Banquet "Menu Travesti" – "Banana Trap Dinner", Edinburgh
Banquet "Henkel Bankett", DĂĽsseldorf
Banquet "Ultima Cena", Milan (the menu poster is signed by all the Nouveaux RĂ©alistes).
Now lives in Cavigliano (Ticino).

First retrospective "Homage to Isaak Feinstein (..)", Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, exhibition includes "Menschenfallen" (Man Traps) and "Wenn alle Künste untergeh’n, die edle Kochkunst bleibt besteh’n" (German proverb: "When all the arts no longer thrive, the cooking art will still survive").
Exhibition "Le danger de la multiplication", Editions Seriaal, Amsterdam.
Exhibition "Krims-Krams-Magie" (Bric-a-brac Magic), Ernst Gallery, Hamburg.
Exhibition "Natures mortes" (Still Lifes), Bischofberger Gallery, ZĂĽrich. Eat Art Gallery, DĂĽsseldorf.
Exhibition "Alle Multiples von D.S." (All D.S.’s Multiples), Bischofberger Gallery, Zürich.
Now lives in Toggwil on Lake ZĂĽrich.

Retrospective (including first showing of "Criminal Investigations") at the Helmhaus, Zürich, and at the Centre National d’Art Contemporain, Paris.
Exhibition "Triple Multiplicateur d’Art" (20+5 originaux en série), Galerie 2000, Paris.
Performance of Tristan Tzara’s "The Gas Heart", Schauspielhaus, Düsseldorf.
Begins work on "La Pharmacie Bretonne", a collection of 117 bottles of water from the healing sources and wells of Brittany (continues until 1977).
"L’année 72" (one table top is fixed and preserved every evening at the Restaurant Spoerri for the duration of a whole year).
Banquet: "Die KĂĽche der Armen der Welt" (The Cuisine of the Poor of this World), Ruhrparkcenter, Bochum

DAAD scholarship for 1 year, Berlin.
Exhibition "Investigations Criminelles" (Criminal Investigations), Ecart Gallery, Geneva.
Purchases the watermill "Moulin Boyard" (Loiret), situated south of Paris
Directs Ernst Rauprich’s play "Der Müller und sein Kind" (The Miller and his Child) at the Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf.

Stage design for Heinrich Mann’s "Professor Unrat", Schauspielhaus Bochum; directed by Peter Zadek 

"Le Coin du Restaurant Spoerri" is shown at the Galleria Multhipla, Milan; also shown at this gallery: "12 Banquets" and "Cucina Astro Castro - 12 Stelle"
Spends two months as "Artist in Residence" at the Art School, San Francisco 

Shows "Le musée sentimental" and "La boutique aberrante" in the "Crocrodrome", a joint project by Jean Tinguely and friends.
Exhibition "Dödspringet" in Copenhagen (with Roland Topor, Nam June Paik, Eric Dietmann, among others). 

Teaches at the College of Art and Design in Cologne. Lectures on his own personal art-historical experiences: "Kunstgeschichte aus dem Nähkästchen" (History of art – the inside story).
Various projects with students (Banquets, exhibitions)
"Heilquellen der Bretagne" (The healing Sources of Brittany) is published by Daniel Spoerri and Marie-Louise Plessen.
Exhibition "Hammertische" (Hammer Tables), Felix Handschin Gallery, Basel.
Exhibition "Faszination des Objekts" (The Fascination of the Object), Museum of Modern Art, Vienna.
Sydney Biennale, Australia, where Spoerri exhibits a cow mummified by the sun and the wind and shows a video of the film "Resurrection".
Stage designs for "A Winter’s Tale", directed by Peter Zadek, and
Molière’s "Misanthropist" (H.M. Enzensberger’s German translation), directed by Peter Zadek.

Documentary films "Die Heiligen Brunnen der Bretagne" (The Sacred Sources of Brittany), mit Marie-Louise Plessen, and "Vorgärten der Kunst" (The Gardens of Art"), a film about Art Brut architects, with Marie-Louise Plessen. 

Exhibition "Le MusĂ©e Sentimental de Cologne" (with students of the College of Art and Design, Cologne, and Marie-Louise Plessen, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne. 

"L’Attrappe Tripes – 17 Banquets", at the Eat Art Festival, Maison de la culture, Chalon-sur-Saône.
Short documentary film: "Le Manège de Petit Pierre" (with Marie-Louise Plessen), awarded the "Silver Film St

Exhibition "Arbeiten seit 1963" (Works since 1963), Krinzinger Gallery, Innsbruck; Modern Art Gallery, Vienna; among others
Exhibition "La Pharmacie Bretonne", Nothelfer Gallery, Berlin
Exhibition "Le MusĂ©e Sentimental de Prusse", Berlin-Museum, Berlin. 

Exhibition "Oeuvres rĂ©cents", Galerie Beaubourg, Paris. 

Guest lecturer at the Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts. MusĂ©e sentimental: "Salzburg Incognito". 

Professorship at the Munich Art Academy.
Projects with students (1983-89) (banquets, exhibitions)
Guest lecturer at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Brest.
Makes the acquaintance of Pietro Caporella, who until 2005 will cast most of Daniel Spoerri’s bronzes.
Now lives in Munich and Ueberstorf. 

"Spoerri presents...", artists’ lectures at the Munich Art Academy: Christo, Lily Fischer, Karl Gerstner, Bernhard LuginbĂĽhl, Hermann Nitsch, Fritz Schwegler, Oswald Wiener, Jean Tinguely, Roland Topor. 

Exhibition "Trompetengold kommt angerollt" (Here comes fool’s gold), Spendhaus, Reutlingen.
Exhibition "Bronzes", Galerie Beaubourg, Paris.
Guest of Honour, Ganserhaus, Wasserburg/Inn.
Banquet: "Tripes chez Talman" (Tripe Festival in Ueberstorf). 

Ethno-syncretisms, assemblages with African tribal masks and other cult objects.
Exhibition "Angstbekämpfungsübungen" (Fighting Against Fear) in Hof.
Exhibition "Bronzes", Galleria Niccoli, Parma.
Exhibition "Krieger der Nacht" (Night Warriors), Belmont Gallery, Park Hotel Waldhaus, Flims (Switzerland).
Exhibition of Recipe Folders at the Littmann Gallery, Basel.
"Les Nouveaux Réalistes" (Retrospective, Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris; Kunsthalle, Mannheim.
Project with students: "Periit pars maxima", Kunstverein, Munich.
Stage designs for: "Leonardo Was Right" by Roland Topor;
"Life is a Dream" by Calderon de la Barca, performed by the "Freie VolksbĂĽhne" company, Berlin. 

Exhibition "Bronzen und Teppiche" (Bronzes and Carpets), Inge Baecker Gallery, Cologne.
Guest Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.
Projects with students.
Exhibitions "Malattie della pelle" and "Le Trésor des Pauvres – Kitsch Carpets", Studio Morra, Naples.
Exhibition "Magie Ă  la Noix and Ethno-syncretisms", Kunstmuseum, Solothurn.
Exhibition "Ethno-syncretic Objects", Littmann Gallery, Basel.
Publishes the book "Dogma I am god". It is dedicated to the Symiot Kosta Theos. 

Exhibition "Les trésors des pauvres", Galerie Beaubourg, Paris.
Project with students "La Belle et la BĂŞte", Fundushalle, Munich.
Exhibition "Rezeptmappen" (Recipe Folders), Kulturhaus Graz; Gurlittmuseum, Linz.
Exhibition "Vraiment faux", Fondation Cartier, Paris.
Exhibition "Besides, it’s always the other people who die" (Marcel Duchamp and the avant-garde), Museum Ludwig, Cologne. 

Gives up his professorship – and hence his civil servant status – at the Munich Art Academy in order to be able to concentrate entirely on his own work.
Now lives in Paris and Italy (Arcidosso).
Exhibition "Le Musée Sentimental de Bâle", Basel.
Organizes the exhibition room "Friends" in the André Thomkins Retrospective at the Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin.
"Magiciens de la Terre", La Halle de la Villette, Paris. 

Variations on the snare paintings: "Artists’ Palettes" (work tables of artist friends).
Exhibition "Artists’ Palettes" Littmann Gallery, Basel; Galerie Beaubourg, Paris.
Exhibition "Recipe Folders", Goethe Institute, Paris.
Organization of the exhibition "L’accademia di Monaco visita l’accademia dell’Amiata", Castello Aldobrandesco, Arcidosso. 

Exhibition "Daniel Spoerri – Retrospective", Centre Pompidou, Paris; Antibes, Munich, Vienna, Geneva and Solothurn.
Exhibition "Salute" – a tribute to Daniel Spoerri (initiated by Pavel Schmidt), Künstlerwerkstatt Lothringerstrasse, Munich.
Now lives in Paris and in Seggiano ("Il Giardino"), Italy. 

Studio in the Hôpital Ephémère.
Exhibition "Hôpital Ephémère", Paris.
Exhibition "Corps en morceaux", Raab Gallery, Berlin.
"Biennale de Lyon".
Jean Tinguely dies on the day before the opening of the Biennale.
Exhibition "Daniel Spoerri from A – Z", Fondazione Mudima, Milan.
Exhibition "Background Landscapes", Zabriskie Gallery, New York. 

Designs the restaurant of the "Swiss Pavilion" at the World Expo in Sevilla.
Exhibition "Sevilla Series, Eaten by...", Littmann Gallery, Basel, Galerie Beaubourg, Paris. 

The French government awards Spoerri the "Grand Prix National de la Sculpture".
Designs the Salle du Roi in Château d’Oiron (10 "Suits of Armour").
Exhibition "Collection Mama W.", Château d’Oiron.

Exhibition "Cabinet anatomique", Musée de l’assistance publique, Paris ; Centre d’Art, Montbéliard ; Raab Gallery, Berlin; Holtmann Gallery, Cologne; Wachters Gallery, Brussels ; Andy Illien Gallery, Zürich; among others.
Exhibition "Corps en morceaux", Kurt Kalb Gallery, Vienna.

Exhibition "La médecine opératoire par N.H. Jacob interprétée par Daniel Spoerri" (120 short instructions for surgical operations, interpreted by means of objects), Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris; "Beim Steinernen Kreuz" Gallery, Bremen; among others.

Exhibition "Carnaval des Animaux", Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris; Fondazione Mudima, Milan.
Exhibition "Werke aus den letzten sieben Jahren" (Works from the last seven years), BAWAG Foundation, Vienna.

Exhibition "Carnaval des Animaux", Carré d’Art, Orléans; Wachters Gallery, Brussels; Raab Gallery, Berlin.
Exhibition "Profession, Obsession (The Spoerri Archive)", Landesbibliothek, Berne.
Exhibition "Sculptures in Bronze, Belmont Gallery, Park Hotel Waldhaus, Flims (Switzerland).
Exhibition "Works 1966-97", Kunsthalle, Burgdorf (Switzerland).
Inauguration of the foundation "Hic terminus haeret – Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri".
Banquet "Grain Pasta", Villa Haar, Weimar.
Banquet "Rich and Poor", Tangelberg Gallery, "Kulturvermerke" (Upper Austrian Culture Comments)

Exhibition "Carnaval des Animaux" Museum Friedericianum, Kassel.
"Coin du Restaurant Spoerri" in the exhibition "Out of Actions", MOCA, Los Angeles.
Museu de Arte Contemporaneo, Barcelona, Museum of Applied Art, Vienna, Tokyo.
Exhibition "Vendredì Treize", Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris.
Exhibition "Modifications" (Détrompe-l’œil paintings; with Enrico Baj and Asger Jorn), Ronny van de Velde Gallery, Antwerp.
Exhibition "One Image (The Wolfskin)", Academy of Fine Arts, Berlin.
Exhibition "Bronzes", Henze Ketterer Gallery, Wichtrach.
Exhibition "Détrompe-l’œil", A. Zaru Gallery, Capri.
Exhibition "Profession, Obsession", Istituto Svizzero, Rome, among other venues.
Chambre No. 13 in the exhibition "Invested Spaces", Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.
Summer exhibition "Gli Artisti del Giardino di Daniel Spoerri", Il Giardino, Seggiano.
Banquet "Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hazard", Vienna.
"Palindromisches Banquet", Vakanz, Schwarzenberg.

Chambre No. 13, Mudima M2, Milan.
Exhibition "Histoires de boîtes à lettres", Galleria Peccolo, Livorno.
Summer exhibition,  Il Giardino: "Eva Aeppli" (Homage to 50 years of friendship).

Chambre No.13 in the exhibition "Stanze e Segreti", Rotonda della Besana, Milan.
Exhibition "The Genetic Chain of the Flea Market", Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan.
Exhibition "Cabinet Anatomique", Emily Harvey Gallery, New York.
Summer exhibition, Il Giardino; "New Installations" (Arman, Roberto Barni, Luigi Mainolfi among others).

Raab Gallery, Berlin
Levy Gallery, Hamburg
Retrospective, Museum Tinguely, Basel
Skulptures in Bronze, Island of Mainau (Lake Constance)
Exhibition "Eat Art", Praterinsel, Munich
Summer exhibition, Il Giardino
As many as 70 sculptures have meanwhile been installed in the sculpture park.
Henze & Ketterer Gallery, Wichtrach/Bern: "La chambre No. 13, Hôtel Carcassonne" as well as examples from the series 1989–2001;
Kunsthalle Villa Kobe in Halle.

Kunstverein Lingen, Lingen.
Museum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Ludwig Museum Budapest.
"Le Restaurant Spoerri au Jeu de Paume", exhibition and seven different banquets in the Musée du Jeu de Paume, Paris.

KunstHaus Wien, Vienna.
Ernst Hilger Gallery, Vienna,
Haus der Kunst, Brno, Czech Republic.
County Hall Gallery, London "Marilyn", itinerant exhibition with venues abroad, including Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan and Finland.
Galerie 422, Gmunden
"MusĂ©e sentimental du Giardino", Kunsthaus Grenchen (Switzerland) 

Exhibition: "Daniel Spoerri – Master of Chance" (Curator: Thomas Levy, Hamburg) at:
Municipal Gallery, Klagenfurt;
Musée des Beaux Arts – Villa Steinbach, Mulhouse;
Kunstverein, Ingolstadt;
Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia;
Museo Civico Revotella, Triest.
Exhibition: "Il peso della magia", Torre Fiorenziana, Grono (Grisons, Switzerland).
Galerie Fraich’Attitudes, Paris.
Musée des Jacobins, Morlaix.
Henze+Ketterer Gallery, Wichtrach.
"Kleines Raritätenkabinett der Künstler des Giardino" (Small Cabinet of Curiosities of the Artists of the Giardino), Kunsthaus Grenchen, Grenchen.
Torrione Passari, Molfetta.
Geiger Gallery, Constance.
Installation of the "Meat Mincer Fountain" in Bremen.

Daniel Spoerri is made an honorary citizen of Seggiano
Exhibitions: Jewish Museum, Rendsburg.
Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz (Liechtenstein).
"Daniel Spoerri – Master of Chance", Musée d’art et d’histoire, Fribourg.
Small Cabinet of Curiosities of the Artists of the Giardino, Espace Niki de St. Phalle + J. Tinguely, Fribourg.
"The Prillwitz Idols", Fondation Grard, Gijverinkhoven (Ostend); Fondazione Mudima, Milan;
"35 Years Levy Gallery – 75 Years Daniel Spoerri", Levy Gallery, Hamburg.

Researches into "Obotritic Antiquities, which turn out to be "Prillwitz Idols" (faked saints). Large sculptures on this theme, first shown in Belgium (Fondation Grard).
"Patron Saints and Guardians" – a project realized in collaboration with the creative workshop "Allerhand" in Cologne. Joint exhibition in the "Bottmühle", Cologne
Series "Piume per capelli – Hat Feathers", first shown in Rome.

Large exhibition on the theme of the "Prillwitz Idols" in Schwerin,
Large solo exhibition in Neubrandenburg.
Commences a series of "Faux tableaux pièges", staged tabletops dedicated to certain celebrities.
For the exhibition "Nouveau Réalisme" Daniel Spoerri stages a "chambre basculée" that harks back to his works of the 1970s. The exhibits in this upturned room are imitations of the works of the Nouveaux Réalistes.
For the Milan exhibition "Ultime Cene" at the Galleria delle Stelline, Daniel Spoerri works with marble for the very first time. After the fashion of the Last Supper, 13 pieces are chiselled in Carrara marble. They represent the meals eaten by famous celebrities shortly before their deaths
Moves to Vienna. (The removal serves Felix Breisach as an opportunity to make a further documentary film about Daniel Spoerri)

Opening of the exhibion house Spoerri and the Restaurant in Hadersdorf am Kamp (A).

Lovis Corinth-Prize, awarded by the KĂĽnstlerGilde e.V. and the Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg.

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