Georg Baselitz (1938)

born in Deutschbaselitz/Sachsen, real name: Georg Kern

bis 1955
Primary school and high school in Kamenz/Sachsen

Moves to East Berlin.
Study of painting at the University of Art with professor Womacka and professor Behrens-Hanger.

After two semesters Baselitz is expelled from the university because of his "sociopolitical immaturity”.
Study of painting at the university of Art in Berlin-Westbei with professor Hann Trier.

His first valid works are developed with the "Rayski Portraits".

Changes his name into Baselitz following his place of birth.
First pandemonium: exhibition and manifest with Eugen Schönebeck, Berlin.
Friendship with Ralf Winkler (A.R. Penck).

Second pandemonium with Eugen Schönebeck.
Marriage to Elke Kretzschmar and birth of his son Daniel.

Dear Mr. W. – letter and manifest.
In the exhibition of the Gallery Werner & Katz in Berlin the works  "Die große Nacht im Eimer" (“The great night in the bucket”) and "Der nackte Mann" (“Naked Man”) are confiscated by the prosecution. Criminal proceeding until 1965, which ends with an abatement of the action and the return of the artworks.

Exhibition "1. Orthodoxer Salon" in the Gallery Michael Werner, Berlin.

Scholar of Villa Romana in Florence.

"Die großen Freunde" („The great friends“): Manifest and exhibition in the Gallery Rudolf Springer, Berlin.
Birth of his son Anton.
Moves to Osthofen near Worms .

Scholarship of Kulturkreis in „Bundesverband der deutschen Industrie“.

Moves to Forst an der Weinstraße.

Participation in "documenta 5" in Kassel.

Atelier in Mussbach an der Weinstraße.

Moves to Derneburg near Hildesheim.
Participation in Biennale of Sao Paulo.

Appointment to Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe.
Rectracts his works from the "documenta 6".

Professorship at Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe.

Speech and manifest at the architecture day in Dortmund: "Vier Wände und Oberlicht oder besser kein Bild an die Wand" („Four walls and fanlight or better no painting on the wall“).

Participation in Biennale in Venezia.

Participation in "documenta 7" in Kassel.

Professorship at the University of Arts in Berlin.

Kaiserring-Award of the city Goslar and art-award of Nord/LB, Hannover.

„Das Rüstzeug der Maler" (12.XII.1985), gives the speech in the Rijksakademie van beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam (1. Oktober 1987) and in the Royal Academy of Arts, London (1. Dezember 1987).

Professorship in Berlin.

Awarding of the medal of "Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres" by the French culture minister Jack Lang.

Manifest and Speech: „Das Rüstzeug der Maler" (12.XII.1985), gives the speech in École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris.

Resumption of the professorship at the University of Arts, Berlin, speech „Purzelbäume sind auch Bewegung, und noch dazu macht es Spaß" in the Kammerspiele in Munich.
Retrospective of his work from 1964-91, organised by Gohr and Peter A. Ade at the Kunsthalle of Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich, which is later shown at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh and at the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig in Vienna.

Participation in Biennale in Venedig.
Designs the stage set at Harrison Birtwistle's opera „Punch and Judy“, performed under the leadership of Pierre Audi at the Deneder Landse Opera in Amsterdam.
Exhibition with an overview of the artworks of the last three years in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek/Denmark.

Sculpture-exhibition from 1979-93 at the Kunsthalle Hamburg.
Writes the manifest "Malen aus dem Kopf, auf dem Kopf oder aus dem Topf" for the exhibition "Gotik - neun monumentale Bilder" in the Gallery Michael Werner in Cologne.
Exhibition at Saarland Museum, Saarbrücken with artworks from 1981-93, organised by Ernst-Gerhard Güse and Ernst W. Uthemann.

Diane Waldman organizes the first great retrospective in the U.S. in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. After New York, the exhibition is shown in Los Angeles in the Country Museum of Arts, in Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gardens in Washington D.C. and in the Nationalgallery in Berlin.
Begins to do a series of family-portraits after old photographs at the end of the year.

Extensive retrospective in the Museé d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Exhibition of the family-portraits at Pace Wildenstein in New York and in the Kunstverein Dresden in Residenzschloß Dresden.
Retrospective in the Galleria d'Art Moderna, Bologna.

The first overview of his artwork in Mexico City is shown in the Museo Rufino Tamayo.
Develops large-scaled works  "Friedrichs Frau am Abgrund" and "Friedrichs Melancholie" for the Reichstag in Berlin.

"Reise in die Niederlande 1972-1999" („Journey to the Netherlands 1972-99“) : Exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
Great retrospective of "Monumentale Druckgraphik 1977-1999" (“Monumental graphic artworks”) in the Musée Rath, Geneva.
Is the first award winner of the Rhenus art-award.

Develops paintings and graphic works with the topic of Duchamp. Exhibition at the Gallery Gagosian in London at the end of the year with his series „Tama“, for which Baselitz develops the frames.

Develops portraits in style of Arcimboldo.
Exhibition „Sculpture versus Painting", at IVAM Centre Julio González in Valencia.

Commandeur de l'ordre des arts et des lettres.
Series of the monumental linocuts "Belle Haleine".

Exhibition of monumental watercolours at Albertina in Vienna, after that at FRAC Picardie in Amiens.
Finishes his self-portrait "Meine neue Mütze" („My new Hat“) as a larger than life scullpture.
Award for the best work at the First International Biennale, Beijing.
Award Niedersächsischer Staatspreis.

Finishes the portrait of his wife „Frau Ultramarin“ as a larger than life sculpture.
Retrospective in the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle of Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn.
Award of Premium Imperiale, Tokyo.
Works on the series "Spaziergang ohne Stock und Ekely".
Honorary professorship at the Accademia di belle arti, Florence.

Exhibition "Attori a rovescio" with Benjamin Katz in Imperia.
Starts the "remix"-series, on which he will be working for many years.
Medal of Austria for science and art, Vienna.
"Incontri"-encounters 2005, Award of ICIT in Imperia.

Retrospective at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek near Kopenhagen and in the Fondation de l'Hermitage in Lausanne.
"Remix", exhibition in the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, after one year in Albertina, Vienna.
Moves to Bavaria, honorary citizenship of Imperia.

Overview of the "Russenbilder" („Russian-works“) at the Musée d'Art Moderne in Saint-Etienne, after that at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, and at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg.
Nearly the same exhibition as in Lausanne is shown at the Museo d'arte moderna, Lugano.
Exhibits together with Emilio Vedova at the Venetian pavilion of the Biennale of Venecia. Retrospective in the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

"23. Januar 1938", Birthday-celebration together with Jonathan Meese at the Gallery of  Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin.
Retrospective at the MADRE in Neapel.
"Baselitz ↑ Top" Exhibition at the Kunsthalle Würth, Schwäbisch Hall.

"Mrs Lenin and the Nightingale" at the Gallery White Cube, London.
Retrospective at the Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, and in the Rudolfinum, Prague.
Exhibition in Hôtel des Arts in Toulon and at the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden.
Retrospective at the Museum der Moderne, Salzburg.
Special exhibition at the art fair Cologne Fine Art & Antiques.
Georg Baselitz lives and works in Ammersee (Bavaria) and in Imperia (Italian Riviera).

Baselitz: 50 years of painting, 30 years of sculpture, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden and Museum Frieder Burda Baden-Baden (in cooperation).

Baselitz sculpteur, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Baselitz - Berliner Jahre / Bilder aus der Sammlung Baselitz, Villa Schöningen, Potsdam.
romantiker kaputt. gemälde, zeichnungen und druckgrafik aus der sammlung gag, Stiftung Moritzburg - Kunstmuseum des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle an der Saale.
Baselitz - Immendorff - Schönebeck aus der Sammlung der Deutschen Bank, Villa Wessel in Iserlohn.

Georg Baselitz. Works from 1968 to 2012. Essl Museum - Kunst der Gegenwart, Klosterneuburg/Vienna.

Georg Baselitz. Tierstücke - Nicht von dieser Welt. Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See.

Georg Baselitz - Damals, dazwischen und heute. Haus der Kunst, Munich.

Georg Baselitz - Mit Richard unterwegs, Druckgrafik 1995-2015. Schloss Dachau Georg Baselitz - Die Helden, Städel Museum, Frankfurt.

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