INFORMATION - without any need to ship the work to us:

No matter what kind of information is required, we shall first of all need a good photograph (of the reverse side too, if there is a stamp, an inscription or a drawing – a photocopy will suffice), a complete description of the work and all available details, including  provenance. A good photograph of your work is imperative for our archives, especially when it comes to publishing a new c atalogue raisonnĂ© or subsequent additions.

PHOTO-CERTIFICATES - for work shipped to us:

For photo-certificates we shall first of all require a photograph and then – after mutual arrangement – the original work here in our archives for a certain time. Personal delivery of the work to be examined will not be possible.

Please send your work of art and two photographic prints (18 x 24 cm) with your pro-forma invoice addressed to us and marked “Zur Begutachtung” (“For Expert Examination”) through your shipping agent for temporary exportation from your country.  Please note: works on paper must be unframed and freely accessible on the reverse side. Your shipping agent will provide for temporary exportation from your country to Switzerland (so as to avoid costs and difficulties when the work in question is returned to you).

Ship to:

Möbel Transport AG Basel
z. Hd. Galerie Henze & Ketterer
Genuastrasse 14
CH 4142  MĂĽnchenstein

Contact: Luciano Frohoff
Tel.  +41/61/335 33 13
Fax: +41/61/331 80 47
E-Mail: luciano.frohoff (at)

Our shipping agent will arrange for temporary importation into Switzerland and will forward your work of art to us for the required examination. The work will be returned to you immediately after examination by the same way.

Please provide insurance for both outward and return shipment and for the duration of the examination.

All transport costs, including intermediate stops in transit, are for your risk and account.

Our fees:

Information without examination of the original

EUR   300.- (works on paper)

Information without examination of the original

EUR   600.- (paintings)

Works on paper (photo-certificate)

EUR   600.-

Paintings and sculpture (photo-certificate) 

EUR   1.200.-

For additional effort

by agreement

(EXPERTISENinfo EU E 2019)

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